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December 14, 2009


Here are the bits and pieces of Seoul that I discovered during my stay. A stunning panorama of Seoul from mount Ingwansan on a bright December’s day. The high-rises of central Seoul surround the 262-meter peak called Namsan with the N Seoul tower on top of it. Just a few of 27 bridges over the […]

Education in Korea

November 30, 2009


Education in Korea is not just important, it is a number one priority for every individual. And there are several reasons for that. Firstly, the Korean society is still very influenced by Confucianism, which stresses the importance of education (it is almost shameful to be uneducated). Secondly, the competition in the Korean labour market is […]

Cycling trip with the Climbing in Korea Club

September 13, 2009


During the introductory lecture in Kyung Hee, organised by the International Office, I found myself sitting next to a girl from Lithuania, which was again surprising. (I’ve lived and travelled in many countries, but I can’t remember a country where I hadn’t met a Lithuanian. It seems to me that Lithuanians, although there are only […]

First week in Seoul

September 5, 2009


On my first night in Seoul I slept like a dead man. I guess it was all too much for me: an 18 hour journey, taking a taxi to the dormitory, going to the centre of Seoul for dinner and meeting a few new people (also my roommate, who is a Korean from Kazakhstan). My […]

Seoul: beginning

August 28, 2009


It all started back in March when I applied for an exchange semester in Korea. At the time I was an Erasmus student in the Netherlands and my plan A for the next semester was to get an internship somewhere in Western Europe. However, that did not work out and going for an exchange semester […]