Jejudo (Jeju island)

September 21, 2009


After finishing the week at the university we were all set to go to Jejudo (Jeju island) for a weekend. Already before coming to Korea I knew that Jejudo was an absolute must-see in Korea. The island is located roughly 450km south of Seoul and about an hour’s flight from Gimpo, Seoul’s second airport serving […]

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Cycling trip with the Climbing in Korea Club

September 13, 2009


During the introductory lecture in Kyung Hee, organised by the International Office, I found myself sitting next to a girl from Lithuania, which was again surprising. (I’ve lived and travelled in many countries, but I can’t remember a country where I hadn’t met a Lithuanian. It seems to me that Lithuanians, although there are only […]

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First week in Seoul

September 5, 2009


On my first night in Seoul I slept like a dead man. I guess it was all too much for me: an 18 hour journey, taking a taxi to the dormitory, going to the centre of Seoul for dinner and meeting a few new people (also my roommate, who is a Korean from Kazakhstan). My […]

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Seoul: beginning

August 28, 2009


It all started back in March when I applied for an exchange semester in Korea. At the time I was an Erasmus student in the Netherlands and my plan A for the next semester was to get an internship somewhere in Western Europe. However, that did not work out and going for an exchange semester […]

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Pirma savaitė UK

June 26, 2008


Sveiki visi! Visų pirma turėčiau atsiprašyti, kad taip ilgai nieko neparašiau. 2 savaitės čia pralėkė labai greitai ir net nebuvo laiko susikaupt blogo įrašui. Nežinau, ar šiandien jau ta diena, kai esu susikaupęs kažką parašyt, nes yra 2 ryto (4 ryto Lietuvoj), o vakar naktį miegojau 4 valandas, be to, šiandien (vakar) vakare lyg ir […]

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Dar ne pabaiga | Norvegiška muzika

August 17, 2007


Vienas iš dalykų, kuris gali geriausiai priminti kelionę, yra muzika, kurios klausai kelionės metu. Čia kelios iš dainų, kurias dažnai girdėjau per norvegiškas radijo stotis darbo metu: #1: Postgirobygget – Tidløs #2: Gym Class Heroes – Cupid’s Chokehold #3: Bo Kaspers Orkester – En Man Du Tyckte Om

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Participants of the meeting

August 12, 2007


11th AN-2 meeting had 17 participating AN-2’s Lithuania, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland and, for the first time, Ukraine. Many people and journalists came from other countries as well. The photos of the participating AN-2’s are provided below and are separated according to the registration of the airplanes. Lithuanian airplanes with […]