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Skiing trip and leaving Korea

December 27, 2009


Of all the places on earth to learn to ski it had to be in Korea! I had never been skiing, but I always wanted to and finally I had a chance to do it in Korea just before going back to Lithuania. It was a perfect thing to do after the tiring exam session […]


December 14, 2009


Here are the bits and pieces of Seoul that I discovered during my stay. A stunning panorama of Seoul from mount Ingwansan on a bright December’s day. The high-rises of central Seoul surround the 262-meter peak called Namsan with the N Seoul tower on top of it. Just a few of 27 bridges over the […]

Education in Korea

November 30, 2009


Education in Korea is not just important, it is a number one priority for every individual. And there are several reasons for that. Firstly, the Korean society is still very influenced by Confucianism, which stresses the importance of education (it is almost shameful to be uneducated). Secondly, the competition in the Korean labour market is […]


November 20, 2009


Korean pop culture has been extremely successful in gaining popularity in Asia. So successful, that this phenomenon even has its own name. It’s called the Korean wave and according to Wikipedia, it “refers to the significantly increased popularity of South Korean culture around the world. It is also referred to as Hallyu (Hangul:한류), from the […]

DMZ trip

November 2, 2009


I have been interested in North Korea and situation in the Korean peninsula for a long time. Although I feel to know a lot about the country, I sometimes still get surprised by the insanity and cruelty of the North’s ruling regime. It seems that North Korea is probably the last country in the world, […]

Understanding the division of Koreas

November 1, 2009


Mr. Shin, who was our professor at Kyung Hee for International Business and Marketing Strategy, organised a few guest lectures about North Korea, which provided me with the much needed background information regarding the division of Koreas. Most people, including me, simplify the situation too much and regard the North as an absolute evil and […]

Seoraksan (Seorak mountain)

September 26, 2009


Satellite photo of the Seoraksan national park The weekend following our fantastic trip to Jejudo we took an overnight hiking trip in the Seoraksan national park. Seoraksan (Seorak mountain) is the third highest mountain in South Korea (1708m) after Hallasan (which we visited during our trip to Jejudo) and Jirisan. This trip was organised entirely […]