Antonov AN-2 meetings


The main idea

The AN-2 meeting is an annual event, gathering Antonov AN-2 airplanes and their fans from Europe. Antonov AN-2 is a legendary Russian biplane (wikipedia), that was used in most of the Soviet Union and is still being used now. Due to it’s uniqueness, it is also popular among aviation enthusiasts in Western Europe and USA.

To better have a better overview of the airplane, I posted this video with the AN-2 performance by a Polish pilot in Krakow:


The chronology

This table shows the chronology of the AN-2 meetings and provides links to the photos, if available.

No Year Place Photos
I 1997 Mielec, Poland N/A
II 1998 Visby, Sweden N/A
III 1999 Kaunas, Lithuania N/A
IV 2000 Grudziadz, Poland By Aeroklub Grudziadzki
V 2001 Riga, Latvia N/A
VI 2002 ?/Poland N/A
VII 2003 Reinsdorf, Germany By Poul-Joergen Christensen; Unknown publisher
VIII 2004 Watorovo, Poland By Poul-Joergen Christensen
IX 2005 Jeromer, Czech Republic By Poul-Joergen Christensen; My photos
X 2006 Jelenia Gora, Poland By Poul-Joergen Christensen; My photos
XI 2007 Paluknys, Lithuania My photos
XII 2008 Ketrzyn, Poland Lotnisko Wilamowo; Pawel Kleszcz; Michael Besenthal ; Unknown publisher
XIII 2009 Gera, Germany Michael Besenthal


My involvement

I had an opportunity to participate in 5 Antonov AN-2 meetings in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and be a part of an organizing team in 2007, when the meeting was held in Lithuania.

I had three separate blogs with detailed photo-stories from the meetings in Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. From now on, I will keep all of those resources together in this blog. They are accessible here:

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  1. Hi, my report of the 2009 An-2 Meeting is at
    Feel vree to add it to your list.


  2. Mantas

    May 17, 2010

    Thanks for your input, Mike!


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