10th AN-2 meeting



The 1oth AN-2 meeting was held in Jelenia Gora, Poland.




Jelenia Góra 10-13 08 2006

Airclub Jeleniogórski 58-500 Jelenia Góra Łomnicka-Lotnisko street
tel.+48-75 7526020, fax +48-75 7523701, kom.0512215612


Thursday 10.08. 2006.

Arrivals and acomodation
19.00 organising meeting, supper at
Górze Szybowcowej (Gliders hill)

Friday 11. 08. 2006.

09.00 opening of the meeting, departures
10.30 flight over Jelenia Gora and Karkonoszami
11.00 crew competition
14.00 flight to
Górze Szybowcowej (Gliders hill) for dinner
16.00 sightseeing tour
20.00 AN-2 PARTY – Góra Szybowcowa (Gliders hill)

Saturday 12. 08. 2006.

10.00 departures to the airfield, preparations for crew competition
14.00 sightseeing tour
17.00 comercial flights, other attractions
20.00 closure of the meeting in Górze Szybowcowej (Gliders hill), concert in the hangar.

Sunday 13.08. 2006.

11.30 departures


SP-KTB during the flight from Ketrzyn to Jelenia Gora

All the participant AN-2’s over the airfield of Jelenia Gora. The music was originally played during this flight


About the meeting

17 airplanes from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden participated. During a 4 day event we had a wonderful time meeting our old friends and colleagues and exploring Southern Poland. After this trip I definitely changed my mind about this country. Being a Lithuanian, I used to see Poland as a transit country with terrible roads and a few big cities. In this trip I found Poland’s beautiful nature (we had a trip to Karkonosze mountains) and wonderful little cities (Jelenia Gora, Karpacz).

The full story about the meeting is placed under the category “10th AN-2 meeting“.

The story is divided into the following parts:

  • The first day (A flight from Ketrzyn to Jelenia Gora, Arrival)
  • The second day (A trip to Karkonosze mountains, and an evening party at Chata Wolanska.)
  • The third day (A joint flight over Jelenia Gora and Karkonosze mountains, a trip to Jelenia Gora, closing party)
  • The last day (A flight back to Ketrzyn)

All of the participant airplanes can be seen in this post.

Originally, I started a blog about this meeting at http://an2meeting.blogspot.com/2006/08/10th-2-meeting-jelenia-gora-poland.html in 2006. However, in 2009 I decided to integrate it into one blog, to have everything in one place.

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